Thursday, 8 October 2009

Walking on Tenerife – The Closure of the Barranco del Infierno

Back in August we told you that the Barranco del Infierno was closed for a bit of a facelift.
It was estimated that the work would take a few weeks to complete.So, working on a formula specifically developed for Tenerife – take the official estimate and double it – we thought that it was time to check with the people at the Barranco del Infierno how things were progressing.

The bad news is that the Barranco is still closed. The good news is that the person we spoke to reckoned that it should be open again by around mid October. The typically Tenerife uncertain news is that he added a ‘mas o menos’ at the end.

Now we’re guessing November, but watch this space.


scotrock said...

My attempt to do this walk last year foundered in part on a bad parking decision in Adeje.

Uncertain where the hike started, I parked in the very large lot behind the Town hall (I think) and set off to reconnoitre.

By the time I reached the ticket booth, there was no way I was going all the way back down that hill to change my shoes. Luckily the trail was closed in any case.

I learned that one should drive all the way up, turn around in the restaurant parking lot and then descend to teh first available spot.

I hope the Barranco will be open by Christmas; I'd really like to do this hike this year.

Real Tenerife said...

That's where we parked, but we knew where the start of the the walk was so were in hiking gear.

Saying that, the bit from the car park to the entrance of the barranco was definitely the hardest bit of the route!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if anyone knows if this is open again? I'm going to Tenerife for Easter weekend and am keen to do the walk for the first time.

Real Tenerife said...

Spoke to the people at the Barranco this morning and the news isn't good - there is no firm date for the barranco to re-open. I think the February storms and rain in that area has undone a lot of the work that had taken place over the previous months.

They mentioned summer to me, but it's worth checking when you get here.